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Category: Dual Chuck Adapter / Brake Lathe Adaptor

Lite Chuck and the Lite Dual Chuck

Introducing the new Lite Chuck and the Lite Dual Chuck. They handle the same range from 2 1/8" to 5 ¾" centering holes, but weight nearly 50 % less than the former adapters (weighing a mere 17 lbs for the complete kit of the Light Dual Chuck and 4 backing plates). The Lite Dual Chuck has been extensively tested against the Quick Chuck, Double Chuck and other adapters on the market with better than expected results. The improved adapters absorb vibration better, are easier to handle, have less wear and tear on the brake lathe, and made here in the U.S.A. Not forgetting to mention, there is no more rusting!




  • Lite Dual Adapter, part #20040 (5"diameter double sided chuck)
  • Small Backing Plate, part #10047 (4-3/4" diameter) for use with small hub-less rotors and drums
  • Medium Backing Plate, part #10043 (5" diameter)
  • Toyota Backing Plate, part #10054 (6-1/4" diameter) for use with Toyota Trucks (Tundra)
  • Large Backing Plate, part #10046 (7-1/4" diameter) for use with large hub-less rotors and drums
  • Wrench, part #10044 (3/8" drive)


  • The lightweight Lite Dual Chuck kit is 50% lighter than other adapters on the market, making them easier to handle and store.
  • Eliminates the need for cones by using to sets of expanding jaws to grip the center hole.
  • There is no need to change the jaws out. Passenger car jaws are permanently mounted on one side and truck jaws are on the other. Simply flip the chuck over.
  • Fits all 1" arbor brake lathes.
  • One simple kit is all you need.


DODGE/CHEVY 4X4 ROTOR (3/4 & 1-ton)
This specialized adapter was developed for Dodge & Chevy spline front rotors on late model
4x4 trucks. The heavy-duty backing plate and front bushing design takes all the guesswork
and frustration out of mounting this rotor to your 1" arbor brake lathe.

Dodge Chevy 4x4 rotor (3/4 & 1-ton)

FORD F-150 ROTOR (1/2 TON)
This 2004-present truck rotor adapter takes the frustration out of mounting the 1/2 - ton Ford
pick-up model F-150 rotor to your brake lathe; guarantee the accuracy in machining and the
EZ mounting to your 1" arbor brake lathe.

Ford F-150 Rotor (1/2 ton)


  • Eliminates run-out
  • Eliminates chatter & vibration (Newly designed backing plate absorbs vibration which causes
    tool chatter)
  • Eliminates expensive on-the-car lathes (On-the-car lathes were only way until the EZ adapter)
  • Eliminates costly rotor replacement. ( Save your customer more money)